lunes, 8 de julio de 2024

Boost Your Sales with Expert-Recommended Lead Generation Tools


Experience the freedom of reaching the entire world with our
powerful Apps!

Our solutions are recommended by experts and over 1,000 satisfied
customers, generating 100% up-to-date email and phone lists.

With precise and fresh data, you can achieve your sales goals

- Emails Segmented by Country
- for Direct Contact
- Exclusive Leads with Detailed Information: business name,
phone, website, and email.
- Trust the experts and satisfied customers, and see your results

App 1: Fresh Email Scraper

- Description: Extract emails from websites worldwide or from
specific countries with 98% accuracy.
- Price: Just $299 - 1 Windows device - 1-year license - 200,000
websites to scrap (you choose the country).
- Additional websites: $99 per each 100,000 websites.

App 2: Unbelievable Lead Generator

- Description: Generate fully segmented business lists by name,
phone, and website.
- Segmentation: By activity type, neighborhood, city, country.
- Price: Just $499 - 1 Windows device - 1-year license - 200,000
websites (you choose the country).
- Get your own infinite leads without relying on anyone else to
promote your business, website, or service to anyone anywhere in
the world!

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